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Barn Owls

Barn Owl are of national interest. Some consider them one of the most beautiful birds found in this country, yet they have become scarce.

Not just Barn Owls. Kestrel and Little Owl form part of The State of Nature report released in 2013 revealing that a staggering 60% of UK species are in decline.

Habitats have changed and Barn Owls are not so quick to adapt:

  • Where once there were adequate old farm buildings or hollow trees that provided shelter, barn conversions and intensive farming have changed the landscape. Consequently diminishing opportunity of shelter.

  • Rough grassland has been replaced with meticulously managed fields and gardens are smaller and therefore demand a more tidy approach. The once endless farmland is now carved through with roadways and shared with large sprawls of urban development.


For years, the owls have become accepting of manmade nest boxes, taking shelter or breeding young. Yet no amount of nest boxes alone can keep the species among us.  As without food, they simply cannot survive.

At BOPH we survey Barn Owl Habitat and advise on Barn Owl, Kestrel and Little Owl nest boxes. We offer informed and Accredited Rehabilitation of wild orphaned or injured Owls and Birds of Prey.

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