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Why are we seeing a decrease in birds?

 Failure is most often linked to food availability. Unfortunately it is the lifestyle of the human that appears to have created the most problems. Generations have now witnessed DECLINE in SPECIES, these are words seen daily in the press, on the television and discussed by the world. Yet the major contributing factor that threatens all wild species is MAN. Globally, we have never before been so aware of the devastation of many species. Yet even more worrying is the fact that space to live in coexistence  is becoming more of a challenge daily.

Focus on world change is consuming, often heartbreaking but mostly exasperating. We all feel affected by something! Yet we also feel helpless to stop the progression of change. Weary of social media reports of world scale demise of species, BOPH Barn Owl Project Hampshire evolved, joined forces and made a choice, because we know that concerns which are right on our doorstep can be supported and improved.

How can rats help?

An uncertain future for UK young Barn Owls. Barn Owl Project Hampshire believe that nest boxes help, but foraging for natural food is becoming a significant struggle.  Which came first, the Rat or the Barn Owl?

RATS – are possibly the saviour of many species because they represent a good value food source for Raptors and many other species of small and large mammal. If they became the primary food source, numbers would be heartily controlled naturally and our world would contain far less toxicity.

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